A new organization for the new throw of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the Ragusa Area
The association “pmiRagusa” is founded thanks to the initiative of a group of small and medium-sized enterprises of Sicily, They noticed the need of establishing a new regional organization to renew the procedures and the methods of the representation of this strategic segment of our economic and productive system.

The members of the Executive Board are:

  • Honorary President
    Marcello Candela
  • President
    Roberto Biscotto
  • Deputy Leader 
    Umberto Terenghi
  • Council members
    Andrea Providenza
    Gianluca Mallo
    Giuseppe Mamo
    Carmelo Aristia
    Davide Rabito
    Salvatore Adamo
    Carmelo Cavarra
    Gianluca Fazio
    Salvo Ginetti
    Tommaso Bellinghieri
    Giuseppe Oliva
    Filippo Meli
    Massimo Celano
    Rita Giardina
    Andrea Terenghi
    Saverio Stellino